WordPress 4.0 Benny New Features Overview

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The latest WordPress 4.0 version has just been released & is being advertised with the slogan “Seamless, content first publishing”. In this quick overview I will try to prove that it’s indeed a very useful update.
Release 4.0 has been named after great jazz and swing musician, clarinetist and bandleader:
Benny Goodman known also as the “King of Swing”.
WordPress 4.0 New Features
1. Intuitive Editing:
  • The content editor window now expands to fits your content & match the browser window when you write.
  • What’s even more important keeps the formatting tools available at all times.
WordPress 4.0 Intuitive Editing
2. Media Library Grid & Seamless Media Embeds
  • Now you can explore all of you media uploads in the modern beautiful, endless grid
  • Viewing and editing the media using the new interface is much quicker now & more user friendly
  • Visual editor shows previews of the embedded content (i.e. youtube videos & twitter links)
WordPress 4.0 Media Library Grid & Seamless Media Embeds
3. New Plugins Browser
A new grid view in the plugins search section improves the search & browsing experience.
WordPress 4.0 New Plugins Browser
SUMMARY: Despite the higher version number it’s not a major WP release, however it brings few new features which should make the user experience even better. Using the new & improved content text editor bloggers can now focus just on the content.
Watch the official 4.0 release video below to see the new features in action:
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